North Central Directors Association

The NCDA Regional Honor Band has been cancelled for this year. The obstacles of finding a facility available where everyone could practice, properly distance, and meet the safety guidelines of all schools involved prevents the reality of holding the event. While this may not be completely unexpected, we know that it is still disappointing.

We are thankful that auditions were held and name students to the groups. Students that auditioned and students that made the band are to be commended for their hard work, resiliency during this time, and their effort to improve and grow as a musician. That type of investment has great benefit, regardless of whether one makes the band or not.

It is the hope that the honor band scene will get to return to its regular routine next year, as honor bands are a great opportunity for many of our musicians. 

Patches will be distributed to students in the near future.


Audition Results

Click here for HS NCDA audition results. 

Click here for Jr High NCDA audition results.

Click here for 7th grade NCDA audition results.


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